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About Us


We are passionate about reaching people through the love of God. Our passion for Scripture is unmistakable, and conveyed through every activity that happens here at FRCC. We hold Bible Classes every week, all of which are open to the public. Join us to discover the full meaning of the Lord’s word, and how they can enrich your life. 


Faith is the cornerstone of our church. It is part of every activity that we do, every meeting that we hold. We believe in our Lord, and that our actions are a reflection of his goodness. 


We look to the Lord for guidance in our lives. In Scripture, we find all that we need to guide us in the right path. Reading and understand Scripture helps us all live meaningful lives. 


Join us. We welcome each and every one of you to encounter the Lord’s unconditional love with us. Inside each of us is a purpose and meaning to be fulfilled by God. 

Youth Ministry

Youth is a unique period of life, one filled with exploration, discovery, excitement and fulfillment. The Church Youth Ministry provides a nurturing, loving environment for young people exploring the world. It is a safe place where faith guides exploration and self-discovery. 

Children’s Ministry

The Gospel has a message for everyone, of every age, and in every language. Exposing your child to the Lord’s path when they are young gives them guidance, hope and strength that lasts a lifetime. To learn more, be in touch with one of our Pastors. 


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